Crack Glass & Chip Glass Repair

Repair cracks and chips on any type or size of glass in Singapore.

We realize the safety risks that your chipped or cracked window can pose. It is one of those repair urgencies which should not be delayed in order to prevent hazards. A single chip or visible crack in your windows or glass panels can spread and increase risk to your family. 

Dealing with broken glass can be very dangerous, and you might not have all the tools necessary to repair or replace a cracked window. GlassDoc Maintenance & Services strongly supports immediate repair to resolve the issue.  

Why Choose Crack Glass and Chip Glass Repair?

GlassDoc repairs cracks and chips on various surfaces including tempered and laminated glass, safety glass, frosted or tinted glass, single or double pane glass doors, and windows.

Contact us to get appropriate advice whether your cracked or chipped windows require repairing or complete replacement. We believe in giving you affordable and stress-free solutions.

With GlassDoc glass repair facilities, we provide:

  • Complete inspection and clearance of debris 
  • Immediate measures to fix your broken glass
  • Repair your chipped or cracked glass with permanent fixing equipment
  • Cleanliness of the affected area and profound coverage of cracked glass  

Fix Your Chipped & Cracked Glass with GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

We prefer safety over anything, so it is our priority to keep you away from potential hazard if your glass gets broken or cracked. Yet, our professionals facilitate you for 24/7 emergency consultation until our technicians arrive at your place. 

Till then you might want to take necessary precautionary measures. 

  • Check how large and dense the crack is. This information will benefit our emergency repair experts to decide whether you need repairing or full glass replacement. 
  • Identify if there are multiple cracks on your damaged glass. We equip our technicians accordingly. 
  • Before attempting to DIY the cracked glass, remember that if not dealt with precision, the crack might spread rapidly.
  • In case of severe damage, wait for our team to arrive. 
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