Glass Backsplash

Get creative with your interior design with a glass backsplash in Singapore.

Backpainted glass backsplash

Looking for a custom made glass backsplash ? wonderful choice ! The addition of a backsplash to the kitchen or bathroom is a wonderful way to upgrade a room’s overall aesthetics. A design glass panel instantly upgrades the way a room looks and gives it a transformed appearance that’s sure to please.

How to choose the right backsplash in Singapore ? It’s not so difficult. Either pick a color that matches your surrounding décor or choose a shade that abruptly contrasts the existing interior décor, acting as a standout style. Depending on the location of your backsplash, ease of maintenance should also be considered

Why Choose A Backsplash From GlassDoc?

Here are a few reasons you should use a glass backsplash:

  • Adding a colored or pattern glass gives your room a burst of energy without the need to purchase several materials to get the desired look. 
  • It is easy to use ideas to match your room’s theme. For instance, you can add white patterned glass to portions of a wall to enhance the look of your design
  • All our glass is protected with a military grade glass coating, to enhance the longevity and cleanability of your investment 
Glass backsplash singapore

Install or Replace Your Glass Backsplash With

backsplash coloured glass

At GlassDoc Maintenance & Services, we custom-cut glass to fit the desired area. An array of color choices is available, helping you to match existing décor themes. Glass can also be cut in patterns if desired. 

installing A modern glass backsplash in Singapore is a cost-effective way to breathe a new life into a room without a lot of remodeling work to do. We also install back painted glass, which gives an eye-catching effect to your whole interior. 

This kind of glass panel is also a great way to protect any wallpaper. You can create the mix and match style with the combination of wallpaper and glass backsplash. Just like our custom designed glass cabinet, they are sleek, modern, and endlessly customizable. backsplashes are low maintenance, inexpensive, easily cleaned, and very versatile.

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