Glass Balustrade Replacement

Give your home a modern look with an aesthetic glass balustrade replacement.

Whether you’re looking to repair or replace glass balustrade for your balcony or pool enclosure, we can help. We offer a premium range of glass balustrade options in Singapore. 

Glass balustrades provide a modern look for your new home or home renovation. The seamless glass styling is ideal for creating the illusion of more space for your interiors. Choose from our range of frosted, etched or painted glass balustrades for a striking design aesthetic. All glass balustrades are manufactured from toughened safety glass to ensure long-lasting durability and safety for your property and guests.

Why Choose A Glass Balustrade?

Here’s why you should install a glass balustrade in your home:

  • Glass balustrades come in plenty of modern designs to suit both classic and modern architectural styles.
  • Glass balustrades are low maintenance and available in a wide variety of powder-coated colors to suit your taste.
  • Glass balustrades bring more light into a space, making it bright and look spacious.
  • When placed at the correct angles, glass balustrades can open up a stairway and compliment other decor.

Replace Your Glass Balustrade With GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

At GlassDoc Maintenance & Services, we install high-quality glass balustrading to offer extra security and safety for you, your family, and friends. Secure your stairways, pool areas, balconies with glass balustrade replacement in Singapore. We have a great range of glass balustrade options to complement your space.

Our team of glass balustrade experts only use toughened safety glass along with laminated glass to produce high-quality, low-maintenance balustrading for your residential or commercial purposes. We offer quality-toughened float and laminated glass balustrade panels at unbeatable prices. Whether it is for a new glass balustrade system or replacement glass, our glass panels in Singapore are the perfect choice.

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