Custom Glass Door

Custom made glass doors bring an eternal vision to life with sleek profiles with 15mm thick frames and clean lines.

Custom Door Singapore

Glass doors, such as shower doors, usually come in three main types: frameless, semi-frameless, and framed. Within these categories, there are two main sub-categories: sliding door enclosures and swinging door enclosures. Moreover, shower door glass comes in a variety of patterns, colors, and opacities.

To provide you with the highest quality custom designed glass door for homes, we trust only the top glass and door hardware manufacturers in Singapore. Our network of top product vendors enables GlassDoc Maintenance & Services to design install and deliver you high-quality results every time, no matter the location.

Why pick custom designed ?

Here’s why replacing your old door with a new custom glass door is a good idea:

  • Glass doors are usually made from the strongest, most durable material’s such as stainless steel & aluminium available in house doors.
  • You can complement your home’s unique design with glass doors available in today’s most popular colors.
  • Dual-color frames provide more style flexibility for your home. For instance, you can choose a white interior frame with a different color exterior frame.
  • Glass doors are easy to clean and maintain all year long. Glassdoc also provides additional benefits such as, a free glass coating known as Diamon Fusion 
  • Custom designed by you and only you. every part of the system can be modified, chopped and changed, we can even add a mirror to it 
  • unique bragging rights. Every door we make is custom designed, so the client gets something truly unique, as there is only one in the world
custom glass door in singapore

Design Your Custom Glass Doors With GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

Singapore Custom made glass door

As your custom glass door company in Singapore, we bring high-quality glass, craftsmanship, flexibility, and convenience to your doorstep. Exceptionally durable, our glass entry doors resist warping, dents, rot, and withstand extreme weather beautifully. Maintenance and upkeep are minimal, while performance is reliable year-round. 

We prioritize working with partners who have an excellent reputation and offer a wide variety of glass door styles, frame options, glass patterns, colors, and more.

Made to stand up to extreme conditions, our custom glass doors in Singapore can withstand extreme heat and cold. Damaging UV rays and seacoast environments cause no harm to these glass entrances. With a low-maintenance finish, our easy-care glass doors stay looking great. Choose from our wide range of glass door designs in Singapore.

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