Glass Restoration & Protection

Glass – one of the most commonly used materials in the world yet not many individuals knew that glass is porous. Under the microscope, glass resembles a series of mountains and valleys which indicates that it is prone to corrosion even with constant cleaning.

In order to fully protect your assets, Diamon Fusion glass coating is recommended to be applied on each glass panel. Diamon-Fusion requires a 2-stage patented process to ensure that it will create an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that can protect the glass from stains, corrosion and other environmental pollutants. 

The 1st stage consist of filling the glass with Diamon-Fusion to create a cross-linked and branched silicon film which will grow within the substrate. The 2nd stage will “cap” the entire chain of atoms where it will dramatically increase the hydrophobic nature and durability of the glass.

Diamon-Fusion glass coating will create an easy-clean surface that can significantly reduce the cost and frequency of cleaning which results in the increase of return of investment (R01) for your company. 

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