Skylight/Canopy Replacement

Get energy-efficient replacement skylights, no matter the size or style.

Is your skylight leaking, hail damaged, has cloudy glass, or you’re just not sure how much longer they’ll last? Our skylight specialists in Singapore can help. We use skylights and glass canopies that are easy to install, come in standard and custom sizes, and are available with many paint color options or copper cladding.

Replacing your skylights when you re-roof is cost-effective and it allows you to synchronize your roof and skylight warranties. Today’s skylight models are also more energy-efficient, saving on heating and cooling costs.

Why Choose A Skylight?

Here are a few reasons you should install a skylight in your home:

  • Skylights add natural light (and solar heating) to your spaces. So, you can save on heating costs during the chilly seasons.
  • Skylight windows can open to let in the fresh air, helping with cross ventilation in stuffy rooms. This freshens up the air and cools down your living spaces without turning on the air conditioner.
  • Skylights can add a visual appeal to your home, increasing the resale value and giving certain rooms an attractive, natural light atmosphere.
  • Skylights can make a room feel bigger and more spacious. You can get a view of night sky or nature during the day.

Replace Your Skylight With GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

Replacing skylights is easier – and less expensive – than you might think. We also offer a wide range of standard sizes that will easily replace any old skylight, whatever the brand. If your skylight seems to be an odd size, don’t worry – GlassDoc Maintenance & Services can build a custom skylight. That means no re-framing of the opening, and little or no painting or trim work will be needed. You will save time and money.

As your local glass skylight replacement company in Singapore, our network of certified installers are expert glass roofing contractors and home remodelers, and will be able to manage the project from start to finish. We offer lightweight framed residential skylight systems that give you a custom look at an affordable cost.

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