Mirror Scratches Removal

Keep your mirrors looking as good as new with mirror scratches removal.

Are you looking for that perfect glossy finish on your mirror surface, free of marks, blemishes and scratches? GlassDoc Maintenance & Services has just the right solution for your scratched mirrors. Don’t replace, just repair!

We revamp all kinds of mirrored surfaces including your bathroom and toilet mirrors, dressing table mirrors, wall-hanging, or standing mirrors. Using gentle equipment and lubrication, our experts handle your fragile mirrors with care. 

Why Remove Scratches From Mirrors?

Mirrors have a reflective surface. Apart from numerous functional benefits, mirrors can play a vital role in modernizing your interior design and giving your home a royal atmosphere. As time passes, your mirrors start revealing their signs of aging by the scratch marks on once-so-shiny and perfect surface.

  • Large mirrors can give your rooms a spacious feel but scratches can reduce their reflective properties 
  • Mirrors make dark gloomy spaces like your tight corridors or hallways appear brighter but scratches can mar the overall look.

Remove Mirror Scratches with GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

GlassDoc offers you absolutely nominal service for restoring your mirrors. We help you keep your mirrors as the most luxurious center pieces in your living area for years with our careful scratch removal technique. 

Get that lean, unblemished, and shiny surface. Forget about spots, marks, stains and scratches on your mirrors! GlassDoc brings you verified technique to clean the surface of your mirrors without damaging it. 

GlassDoc mirror repair services are hassle-free and guarantee complete restoration of flawless mirrors. We assess the level of damage caused on your mirrors and then begin our scratch removal service. We make use of the finest precision tools to leave the glass surface appear clear and in perfect condition. Trust us on treating fresh or rigid scratches with tenderness, results will speak volumes!

Get in touch with our team to get your mirrors back in shape and shine like never before. Contact us today to avail our residential repair services across Singapore.  

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