Glass Partition Replacement

Create a sophisticated open look in your home with a glass partition.

The glass partition wall has become especially popular in modern office design and is used in office cubicles, conference rooms, and entryways. However, these glass walls are also making their way into home décor, not only as toilet screens but as creative design solutions in small apartments and modern living spaces. 

Residential applications of glass partitions include living room walls, master bathroom walls, and accent walls.

Why Choose A Glass Partition?

Here’s why installing a glass partition in your space is a good idea:

  • Clear glass panels allow you to delineate separate areas without compromising the open, roomy feel of your space.
  • Fewer light fixtures are needed when the natural light coming in through windows can flow freely through a clear glass partition wall.
  • Small homes and apartments feel larger when a clear glass partition wall is used instead of sheetrock.
  • Many glass wall systems are more easily moved or removed than their sheetrock counterparts.
  • Vision obscuring or opaque glass can also be used to create a unique partition wall that offers privacy or camouflages a room’s less attractive features.
  • Glass resists staining and clear glass panels offer smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize.

Replace Your Glass Partition With GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

From living room to bathroom screens, glass wall partitions play many roles in modern home décor. A partition wall can be built from various types of glass and metal components, which means it can be customized to match specific needs and preferences.

As your local glass partition replacement company in Singapore, our glass wall partitions can be customized to fit many different spaces and design ideas. We install glass walls that are space-friendly, filling less floor space than a traditional structure.

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