Mirror Replacement

Replace your mirror with glassDoc team of specialist that custom cuts your mirrors to the size that you want 

Whether you’re looking for a new way to spruce up a bathroom or wish to revamp your living room, replacing your old worn down mirror with a new one is  best option. A mirror can be custom-cut to a specific size or shape. This helps in decorating a room in a manner that shows off the surroundings while covering drab walls in a refreshing way.

A full-length frameless mirror subtly adds the appearance of extra space, helping small areas look more expansive. Improve the aesthetics of any room with a strategically placed large mirror in the desired size, shape, and glass thickness with GlassDoc Maintenance & Services.

Why Replacing A Mirror For You Home Is A Good Idea ?

Here’s why you should add a beautiful mirror in your home:

  • Wall mirrors add color to your guest room or family gathering spaces. With their exotic and classy designs, they’re remarkable options for a budget-friendly interior décor.
  • Mirrors can make your space look bigger. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, hanging a full-length frameless bathroom mirror will help to reflect the light heading out the door.
  • Decorative mirrors are a cost-effective way to add pizzazz to any room – whether you are updating the main hallway in your house or looking to redesign the entire bathroom.

Replace Your Mirrors With GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

At GlassDoc Maintenance & Services, we can custom cut each piece of mirror glass to meet your needs. We supply different mirror types as well, including beveled and decorative glass. Whether you’re redecorating or need to replace a mirror due to damage, our expert team can assist.

We can provide a variety of mirrors, including full size for wall mounting, custom cut mirrors for existing frames, vanities, full-wall, shelving, door-mounted, and more.

Our mirror replacement technicians in Singapore will come to your home to review your project. They can provide options for types of glass and finishes to ensure that you get the exact type of glass you need. We can then cut and deliver your glass mirror, should we have it in inventory. If not, we’ll work with one of our many glass mirror manufacturing partners to obtain the particular glass you want.

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