Glass Cabinet Replacement

Install glass cabinet that looks great and provides ample storage.

Kitchen glass cabinet

Gorgeous art pieces that meet your functional requirements are a pleasure to own. Their beauty makes your room an enjoyable place to be while providing a storage arrangement that makes your work easier and more productive.

Some are designed to be open shelves while others are closed ones. Whether you need to install a glass cupboards in the living room or your kitchen, or looking to customise every single part of your wardrobe GlassDoc Maintenance & Services has got you covered.

Why Choose Glass Cabinets?

Not sure why you need glass cupboards in Singapore homes? Here are a few reasons:

  • Custom glass textured cabinets not only adds visual interest in your space but it also has a great ability to diffuse light.
  • Leaded glass inserts for kitchen cabinets offer a style and longevity to the entire kitchen interior. These glass designs are created to suit any décor from contemporary to traditional, in almost any shape or size.
  • Engraved wardrobes & cupboards totally transform the look and impression of the whole environment.
  • Easily replaceable, fixable and customisable 
Custom Glass Cabinet Singapore

Install, Replace or Customise Your glass cupboards With GlassDoc

Custom glass cabinet

Whether you’re looking for transparent, frosted, or patterned glass, we can help. Our custom made glass cupboards in Singapore not only keep your room well-organized but can also be used to demarcate the living room and the kitchen in modern open-kitchen homes.

At GlassDoc Maintenance & Services, we also install decorative glass & mirror cabinets that will add to the  beautification of your room. Our kitchen cabinet doors brighten up a room by opening up every dark edge available through the reflection of light.

As your premier custom glass company in Singapore, we not only can replace your old cabinets with stylish and spacious new custom made cupboard, we can also replace your windows too

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