Stone Cleaning & Protection

Stones are a naturally porous material, it will absorb bacteria, food particles and liquids. Not sealing high traffic areas like countertops and floor tiles will leave the material vulnerable to absorbing foreign substances, which eventually will weaken the stone and potentially lead to the growth of bacteria.

While staining is the most commonly known damage to porous surface, many serious problems can occur if water is allowed to move freely through the material, as it carries minerals and dirt which can discolour, corrode and even break up the surface over time.

Stone Guard Premium Protection Penetrating Sealers are engineered to be 400x smaller then common market sealers, creating a permanent chemical bond which then allows it to penetrate much deeper in to the substrate giving it protection against oils, and common damages cause by water ingress like efflorescence, salt, spalling, freeze-thaw spalling, and picture framing.

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