Vanity Mirror Replacement

Uplevel your bathroom with a chic yet affordable vanity mirror replacement.

Whether you think of your home bathroom as your own personal spa or a purely practical space, you need a bathroom vanity that’s functional and fits your personal aesthetic. The bathroom vanity provides the structure for plumbing and valuable storage space, but why should it be without a mirror? 

At GlassDoc Maintenance & Services, we understand the importance of quality vanity mirror installation and custom mirror solutions for your bathroom and home. We’re expert in providing custom glass solutions for your home – including frameless bathroom mirrors, framed bathroom mirrors, custom vanity mirrors, and more.

Why Choose A Vanity Mirror?

Here’s why adding a vanity mirror to your bathroom is a great idea:

  • Placing a vanity mirror near a light source can reflect the light in a way that bounces it back into the room. 
  • A vanity mirror can add interest and a sense of drama to a boring bathroom.
  • Using a large vanity mirror can produce a grand effect by filling the space and creating almost an optical illusion with its reflections.
  • No matter what your bathroom’s size or style, vanity mirrors can brighten and enhance the room, especially when they’re used strategically.

Replace Your Vanity Mirror With GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

Unlike hanging a picture frame or poster, installing a vanity mirror in your home is not easy. Hammering nails into standard drywall doesn’t work here. Vanity mirror frames are heavier and more fragile than typical picture frames. To ensure that your bathroom vanity mirror is installed with suitable hardware, you need to anchor it securely into a wall stud.

As your vanity mirror replacement service, we help you take the guesswork out of custom vanity mirror installation. From frame selection to custom glass solutions and installation, our expert glass technicians are excited to guide you through every step of your renovation project.

Not only can we help you realize your bathroom mirror dreams, we offer custom glass vanity mirror solutions for other rooms in your house. If you can imagine it, we can install it. Contact your local vanity mirror replacement experts in Singapore today to install a custom vanity bathroom mirror.

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