Glass Staircase

Install a glass staircase to make your home look modern and elegant from every angle.

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Looking for a contemporary banister to install in your home? Consider glass as the most viable option!

At GlassDoc Maintenance & Services, we’re seeing more and more clients looking to install a glass stairwell in Singapore because of its striking and contemporary nature. Something as simple as replacing a regular banister for a glass  banister can mean that your home will have a modern look.

Why Choose A Glass Staircase?

  • Glass panels on a staircase will allow for an open view of your bespoke installation.
  • A banister paired with timber can create an outstanding bespoke wood looking stairwell
  • allows light to pour into your home while giving an effective illusion that you have more space in your home than you actually do. 
  • A transparent railing can add a contemporary touch to any home, style, and design.
  • Easy to clean and maintain With Diamon Fusion Glass Coating, it works best for staircases that receive lots of traffic. 
glass staircase service

Benefits Of Picking GlassDoc

glass staircase services in singapore

When you choose GlassDoc Maintenance & Services, glass services like a installing glass stairway becomes a smooth and easy process. Our team of experts will reach your premises at a conveniently scheduled appointment time and start working straightaway. 

Each installation is made in complete transparency and consultation with our talented team of experts. Before starting any work, we’ll discuss the full range of design options we have in place to leave you with a spectacular glass stairway in your hall. 

As your speciality Glass staircase service provider in Singapore, we’ll also provide you with proper guidelines on how to take care of your glass, May it be your shower screen or glass balustrade. Following our tips guarantee maximum safety, beauty, and durability. Call us now for your specialty glass services in Singapore 

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