Custom Made Shower screen

Install a custom made shower screen in singapore with a enclosure to make your bathroom look elegant and spacious.

frameless glass shower screen enclosure

Whether you’re looking to save space with a compact quadrant shower enclosure, replacing your bath tub with an easy-access walk-in shower enclosure, or searching for a luxury steam shower cubicle, we can help!

Unlike bath tubs, shower screen enclosures fit in almost all bathrooms. All you need is a corner wall to fit your cabin. That’s the number one reason why glass shower screens are getting so popular in Singapore.

Why Choose A custom glass Shower ?

Here are a few benefits of using custom shower enclosures in a bathroom:

  • High-quality custom made shower screens are safe, stylish, and simple to fit.
  • Glass enclosures in Singapore need little maintenance other than the regular cleaning to remove the water and soap residue.
  • Incorporating a bathroom shower screen creates a private bathing space, making it easier and comfortable for the entire family.
  • Shower enclosures can enhance the look of almost any bathroom, especially smaller bathrooms that don’t have much space to play with.
  • Designers will be able to create their client’s dream bathroom with different materials, coatings, finishes and unique art glass
  • thinnest frame profile on the market 8mm to 15mm 
  •  will be able to fit in any space. as our enclosures are custom cut according to site dimentions
  • Versatile. Our shower enclosures can be designed in either with a pivot hinge or a sliding track. Both can be a hidden design 
custom swing shower screen

Design, Install or Replace Your Custom Shower screens With
GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

shower screen

As your shower & glass supply specialist in Singapore, we have an extensive range of shower enclosures and shower cubicles, all carefully designed to provide you with luxurious shower experiences. Whether planning a full renovation or just wanting to replace a bathroom suite, we’ll help you find something perfect for your bathroom.

All bathroom shower enclosures we install are made of high-quality, superior materials, and coated with Diamon Fusion Glass Nano-Coating. for a reduce maintenance cycle & easy clean effect. These shower enclosures will last as long as your home does. 

Our shower screens & enclosures are engineered with precision, and can be customized in order to match the size and requirement of the bathroom space. At GlassDoc Maintenance & Services, we offer a wide variety of shower enclosure designs and other items like glass backsplashes which will both complement your designs while being unique, affordable and durable.

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