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Keep your residential glass looking sleek and shiny with Singapore’s Premier scratch removal service 

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Are you fed up of those stubborn scratches on your glass panels? Thinking of installing new glass panels and spending a fortune once again?

Hold up, and hear us out! GlassDoc Maintenance & Services can provide you with new and improved ways to remove those unwanted scratches without even considering to replace the entire glass panels. Why put yourself through fatigue when GlassDoc guarantees scratche removal along with adding extra strength to your glass?

Why Choose scratch removal instead of replacement ?

Glass installation is no less than a lengthy construction process. No wonder it gives your house a widened, elegant, and modernistic appearance but it also requires serious maintenance. Glass does have adequate mineral hardness and potential to survive for years, but it does show signs of wear and tear through unwanted scratches. 

GlassDoc strongly recommends glass scratch repair instead of replacing the entire glass panel. Here’s why:

  • Glass scratches weaken the glass itself, but with GlassDoc glass scratch removal technology, your glass gains its strength back to its original form. 
  • Glass scratch repair drastically increases the return on investment (ROI) and saves you from the cost and mess of manual labor and new glass panels. 
  • Glass scratch repair is a much more affordable, easy, effective, and effortless choice rather than reinstalling new glass. 
Glass scratch removal singapore

Remove Unwanted Scratches with GlassDoc Maintenance & Services

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Be it standard glass or tempered glass, we can fix every type and size at minimal rates and no damage what so ever!

GlassDoc uses state-of-the-art, water-based glass scratches removal technology. This process is hazard-free, keeps the consistency of glass temperature, and does not even cause cracks on the most fragile glass surfaces. 

Get those intolerable scratches removed smoothly from your glass windows, doors, and panels with GlassDoc Maintenance & Services. Want to know more about our repair and hard water stains cleaning services ? Contact us today and avail residential maintenance services within Singapore. 

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