What is Nano Technology?


Enhanced Functionally For Surface/Substrate Protection 

Nanotechnology deals with the study of molecular and atomic particles, a world that is measured in nanometers (billionths of a meter or 10-9) and is 1000 times smaller then the human eye can see.

Working at this nanoscale, specifically designed molecular architectures and intelligent structures can be created. These nano molecules provide superior performance-enhancing attributes, such as smoother, longer-lasting, more flexible, smarter and less expensive coatings.

Diamon Fusion glass Products are the new generation of military grade (used in over 130,000 U.S Military Humvees) products that utilize nanotechnology. A greater example of chemical nanotechnology, which is common to all of our surface/substrate coatings is the ability to enhance a material with both hydrophobic and oleophobic (water and oil repellent) properties, which result in a run-off effect with oil and water.

GlassDoc has a huge range of coatings built and patented with nanotechnology. From Fabric protectors that prevents dirt build up,  slows the spread of fire and its used all over the world from boeings and glufstreams to super yatches. To Stone Sealant which molecules are so small water vapour and moisture can escape from the stone. but it prevents water from entering the substrate and staining that expensive slab of marble you just bought. 


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